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Compound Bows: We are experts in bow set up and tuning. From cam timing to replacing strings and cables we offer expert analysis of your equipment to insure that it is operating at peak performance. With our draw board we can synchronize your cams to exact tolerances to insure perfect arrow flight. We can also squeeze out additional performance through manipulation of strings and cables to retard and advance cams to find that “sweet spot” where your bow likes to shoot.  

Recurve Bows: Let our traditional experts get your recurve shooting better than ever. Through years of experience we can assist in shooting form and arrow matching to insure that your recurve is shooting at peak performance.  

Custom Finishes: We offer custom dipping and cerakote finishing options to make your bow a “one of kind”! With quick turn-around time and competitive pricing, you can choose from hundreds of finish options to customize your bow.  

Arrows: One of the most over-looked piece of equipment in your archery arsenal. Un-like most shops we do not pre-make hundreds of arrows and have them sitting on the floor. We want you to have a custom built arrow, manufactured to your exact specifications so you get the vane colors, wraps and nocks that you want. In addition we custom match your arrow to the game being hunted and or the target discipline being shot. This insures that you are maximizing the flight of the arrow to harvest that trophy of a lifetime or winning that championship tournament.  

Used Bows: Unlike other shops, we do not shy away from your used equipment. We offer an excellent trade/consignment program to assist you in selling your bow. Not ready to go all in on a new bow, take advantage of our excellent used bows where you can get into a high quality bow for half the cost. We also offer an excellent warranty program for our used bows so you can shoot with the confidence that we will handle any of those unexpected breakdowns.  

Accessories: We carry a full line of proven products from sights, quivers, stabilizers, rests, and releases just to name a few. Custom target equipment is available through ordering and usually product arrives within 5 days.  

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